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Choosing Photo Or Video

A question couples sometimes ask us is: “should we go with a photographer or videographer?”. This is a good question if your budget is getting squeezed and you have not yet addressed this aspect. Assuming you are leaning towards an either or and not both (weddings can get very expensive!), here are a few things you should consider:

“A picture says a thousand words…” Having photos of your wedding is great idea for many purposes. Thank you cards for your party and guests, greeting cards to far-away relatives, wedding albums, the classic portrait for wall hanging or desktop frame, or simply to scatter all around your life so that wherever you go, the joy and beauty of your special day surrounds you. And the good news about choosing this option is that it’s often not as pricey as having a wedding video, simply because the higher cost of video equipment and video post-production labour.

A wedding video will help you recall your special day in precise detail – capturing the atmospheric aura oozing from the event venue, decorations, attendee reactions, sounds, emotions and the sugar rush that made the day so exiting and sweet. Even after one-year, five-years, or even twenty-years, as you grow old together, you can still taste the same head-over-heel happiness exactly as you experienced it the-day-of. Generations into the future will be able to say to themselves “I feel like I was there witnessing my … wedding!”.

With all that said, you don’t have to feel you must choose one over the other! The video is a more fully flavored experience, hands down! We can capture some photos for you as a modest add-on to our video services. You can also request that a selection of photos (montage) be added as a part of your wedding video. This way your video will have everything you want it to: an action packed movie, detailing your entire day, as well as distilled perfection - the beauty of the day locked in time. If you have a decent budget set towards this end, you may want to choose videography over photography because the value you will receive from a good quality video will far outshine photographs. If you cannot afford both and must choose, we would say go for the video.

Often times family and friends will offer to take photos of your wedding for you. Although smartphone and compact camera resolution has improved greatly in recent years, it’s nowhere near the quality of professional equipment. Taking reliable professional photos requires years of professional training and constant upgrading. Also, setting your non-professional shutter bugs loose at your event can turn things into a paparazzi fest, will prevent them from being able to fully relax and enjoy your wedding, and will likely cause interference problems for the photo/video professionals you hired for the job.

Are you looking to preserve the spirit and magic of your special day in the most engaging way? If so, book an appointment to look at our sample videos.